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Top 9 Study Secrets for Graduation

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Product Name Top 9 Study Secrets for Graduation
Product Summary 토익독학길잡이 최근용 저

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  • Q&A
Title of Book: Top 8, Top 9 Study Secrets for Graduation
Price: KRW 15,000
Author: Recent Me
Publisher: Insung Foundation
Release Date: March 31, 2021
ISBN : 9791191292039
● Features of this book
“The 8th grade last, the 9 secrets of studying to graduate from the senior level” does not make you in the 100th place first. If you wanted such magic, you picked up the wrong book. However, this book can turn you in 100th place into 50th place at once. Without even adding a second of study time.

The author's high school days were grim. Even if I study 12 hours a day, I couldn't beat those who study 6 hours a day. Then he encountered the knowledge of this book and his life changed 180 degrees. I was able to graduate as a senior while playing, and I was able to get TOEIC 660 to 980 in one month. In addition, we were able to provide study method consulting for smart people such as dentists and company CEOs.

After playing and eating, he graduated from the senior level, improved his TOEIC score from 660 to 980 in one month, and taught study methods for highly educated people such as dentists and company CEOs.

There is only one difference between the past and the present. 'Do you know or don't know the 9 secrets of this book?' The author is said to have written this book for those who were so frustrated with their studies in the past. If you apply just one of the nine secrets in this book, you will get a better-looking college and a job with twice the salary without a second investment.

Jacket detail image-S1L3
Prologue 4

Chapter 1 The difference between the last place in all schools and the first place in all schools?
Simple principles to do better while studying less
ㆍ People understand concepts through stories 22
ㆍ 200 out of 400 people 22
ㆍ Can't get out of the 380 place for 3 years 24
ㆍ As a result of reducing sleep time 27
ㆍ Become a game ranker instead of a schoolboy 29
ㆍ Decided to rejoice 30
ㆍ A new beginning, a re-training student who was full of energy 31
ㆍ Lessons learned from painful failures 34
ㆍ The only book that changed my study life 35
ㆍ 4.42/4.5 points First place in life 37
ㆍ How to increase study efficiency by 100% 37
ㆍ Reasons why most study method books don't work 39
ㆍ Secrets of graduating first place while playing 40
ㆍ Up to 990 TOEIC score in 6 months at Yeongpoja 41
ㆍ Dentist Teaches Company CEO 46
ㆍ There is a clear reason for not being able to study 50
ㆍ How to study twice as good as now 53

Chapter 2 How to have the No. 1 brain in the whole school
'Neuroplastic' to upgrade the brain
ㆍ I'll change your life in 1 hour and 30 minutes 56
ㆍ Will my hair really harden after the age of 30? 56
ㆍ The effect of believing that your hair is hard 57
ㆍ'Neuroplasticity': The brain develops as you write it 58
ㆍ How not to forget what you have studied 62
ㆍ If your current brain is bad, it's because you haven't studied in the past 64
ㆍ The study you're doing makes you smarter 65
ㆍ Secret of the 5th level of Korean language becoming a reading enthusiast 68

Chapter 3'Withdrawal' of 9 hours of study, finishing in 5 hours
1.8 times better than others,'withdrawal'
ㆍ 1st place in study method consulting satisfaction'Withdrawal' 72
ㆍ How do you learn? 73
ㆍ'Customized learning method' is bullshit 74
ㆍ The Most Efficient Learning Method-Withdrawal 75
ㆍ Memories are linked and stored 77
ㆍ The act of taking a test is withdrawal 81
ㆍ Why can't I remember? 82
ㆍ Withdrawal strengthens memory 84
ㆍ Withdrawal speeds up brain rotation 86
ㆍ The more you tear your hair, the better 88
ㆍ Withdrawals that make 1.8 times smarter 89
ㆍ Withdrawal vs. non-withdrawal 91
ㆍ Disadvantages of withdrawal: troublesome 93
ㆍ'A4 learning method' supplementing the shortcomings of withdrawal 94
ㆍ 5 steps of A4 learning method 95
ㆍ A4 learning method can be used for multiple choice, short answer, and written test 101
ㆍ Don't leave study to your feelings 103

Chapter 4 Passion is garbage, make the environment!
How to study 10 hours a day for anyone without enthusiasm
ㆍ How to study 10 hours a day for weakness in willingness 106
ㆍ Willpower is not infinite 107
ㆍ Willpower 〈Environment Setting 109
ㆍ People who can't study overconfident their willpower 110
ㆍ Believe in environmental settings, not willpower 111
ㆍ Environment setting vs. not environment setting 111
ㆍ The most powerful environment setting: Study 113
ㆍ The success rate of the study is only 50% 116
ㆍ Feature 1 of 100% successful study: Strong fine system 117
ㆍ Feature 2 of 100% successful study: Clear rules 120
ㆍ Feature 3 of 100% successful study: Clear notice 121
ㆍ Other powerful environment settings 123
ㆍ Keep your smartphone away from invisible places 124
ㆍ Change password to'dkrkwlqm' 126
ㆍ Send 300,000 won to a friend 128
ㆍ Proclaim to the people 130
ㆍ Passion is garbage, make the environment! 131

Chapter 5 People who do multitasking cannot be 100% good at studying
You can be in the top 10% without multitasking
ㆍ Chapter 134 to increase study efficiency by 2~3 times
ㆍ People who multitask 134
ㆍ Multitasking is impossible 135
ㆍ Multitasking cuts study time in half 137
ㆍ Multitasking that saves memories incorrectly 139
ㆍ 1% super multitasker 140
ㆍ There are no exceptions to multitasking 141
ㆍ People who do multitasking can never study well 142
ㆍ Use your smartphone only during breaks 144
ㆍ You can be in the top 10% without multitasking 147

Chapter 6 The Secret of Betting That No One Tells You
How to invest 10 minutes a day and stay ahead of others
ㆍ'Don't be bruised!' 150
ㆍ If you don't stumble, the contents you studied will be deleted 150
ㆍ The role of smacking: memory transmission 152
ㆍ The Brain Activates When You're Bruised 154
ㆍ Studying without a brute force is shoveling 154
ㆍ I have to be blanked for a long time after difficult study 156
ㆍ I can't concentrate anymore, but it's crazy to hold on to it 157
ㆍ Points to watch out for when bruising 159
ㆍ Three ways to maximize the bruising effect 160
ㆍ A 10-minute brute changes the future 162

Chapter 7 The Secret'Small Plan' of Monsters Studying 14 Hours a Day
How to achieve your goal by studying 4 hours a day
ㆍ Reasons why flies fly in the gym in March 164
ㆍ It is natural to not follow the plan 165
ㆍ Willpower when making a plan〉 Willpower when executing a plan 166
ㆍ Success and failure data accumulate in the brain 168
ㆍ Small Plans Make Studying Fun 169
ㆍ The monsters who study 14 hours a day started small 170
ㆍ Whether you study well or not depends on your experience of success 172
Start with 4 hours a day 174

Chapter 8 Reducing Sleep is Insane
Sleeping for 10 days of 6 hours makes you an idiot.
ㆍ Bullshit saying that you can only sleep 4 and a half hours a day 178
ㆍ “Can you sleep well?” 179
ㆍ Structure of sleep-REM sleep and non-REM sleep 181
ㆍ Sleep does more than just recover from fatigue 183
ㆍ The role of non-REM sleep: long-term memory storage 184
ㆍ The role of REM sleep: problem solving 186
ㆍ If you reduce your sleep, you will never be able to study well 189
ㆍ How much should I sleep a day? 192
ㆍ If you sleep for 10 days each 6 hours, you become a zombie 193
ㆍ'Is it okay if I sleep only 6 hours?' 194
ㆍ Rare gene without difficulty even after sleeping 6 hours 196
ㆍ The reason I didn't have enough time to study was because I didn't sleep 196
ㆍ Getting enough sleep makes it the top 15% 198

Chapter 9 A 15-minute workout once a week to earn 1400% investment return
The reason why the 1st place in the whole school is exercising
ㆍ Reasons for the first place in the whole school to exercise 200
ㆍ The real advantage of exercise lies in the'brain' 202
The sea squirt eats its own brain 203
ㆍ Cases of raising grades through exercise: Naperville Central High School 204
ㆍ Cases of raising grades through exercise: Titusville School District 206, Pennsylvania
ㆍ Not exercising is a huge loss 207
ㆍ The purpose of exercise is to improve brain structure 208
ㆍ Benefits of Exercise 1. You can supply energy smoothly to the brain 209
ㆍ Benefits of exercise 2. You can quickly save what you study in memory 210
ㆍ Benefits of Exercise 3. New Brain Cells Can Be Created 213
ㆍ Exercise makes the brain smart 215
ㆍ 15 minutes twice a week is enough 216
ㆍ When you exercise, you get 3,120,000 won for free every year. 217
ㆍ Excessive Exercising Spoils Study 218
ㆍ The best exercise'HIIT' 221
ㆍ Exercise 7 times a week is easier than exercise 2 times a week 224
ㆍ The reason I don't have time to exercise is because I don't exercise 227

Chapter 10 Stress is Beneficial!
A life-changing stress story in 2 hours
ㆍ Stress is good vs. stress is bad 230
ㆍ Is stress harmful? 231
ㆍ Background to the accusation that stress is harmful 232
ㆍ The'belief' that stress is harmful is harmful 235
ㆍ Stress Provides Energy 239
ㆍ Physical Changes That Occur When You Believe That Stress Is Harmful 241
ㆍ How to use stress: When taking a test 242
ㆍ How to use stress: When making a presentation 244
ㆍ How to change your life in 2 hours 246

Epilogue 248
Acknowledgments 258
References 260

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